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    (tablet) monobasic chlorine dioxide sustained release tablets

    Release date:2018-01-18 01-53-41

    【product manual】

    This product has a chlorine dioxide content of 8%.

    This product is a refined one-packed chlorine dioxide disinfectant tablet for use in areas requiring slow sterilization.


    1. High-efficiency broad-spectrum: It can kill various microorganisms such as bacterial propagules, fungi, viruses, spores, etc. in a very short time, and also has functions such as algae killing, antisepsis, mildew proof, fresh keeping, deodorization and bleaching and bleaching;

    2. Safe and non-toxic: recognized by the World Health Organization and the US Environmental Protection Agency as actual non-toxic products, not with water

    The organic matter produces carcinogens such as halogenated hydrocarbons, and has no carcinogenic and mutagenic effects for long-term use;

    3, user-friendly: no irritating to the skin when used correctly, less corrosive to equipment;

    4, high cost performance: good stability, low concentration, recyclable, cost-effective.

    [Scope of application]

    It is suitable for sterilization and disinfection of space environment, public environment, furniture residence, etc.


    Consult the specific use of the production company.


    1. Please keep it in a ventilated, cool, dark place, and strictly prohibit direct sunlight;

    2. This product must be tightly sealed and kept in the mouth.

    [Executive Standard] GB26366-2010

    [Package] 500 g / bag, 1000 g / bag, can be customized according to customer needs

    [Validity] One year.