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    Sodium chlorite

    Release date:2017-11-29 07-14-57

    [Industrial products] content can be customized

    [common model] 25% 31%


    [Molecular weight] 90.45

    [product standard] HG/T3250-2010

    [product nature]

          The aqueous solution is colorless or yellowish green;

          Stable at room temperature and normal storage conditions;

          It is flammable when it comes into contact with wood chips, organic matter, reducing substances, impact, and friction.

    【Product Usage】

    Used for bleaching of fibers, fabrics, oils, pulp, etc.;

          Some metal surface treatment and water sterilization.


          Packed in plastic drums, the net weight of each drum is 250kg/1000kg.

          Can also be processed according to user requirements.


          Industrial sodium chlorite shall not be mixed with acid or reducing substances during transportation;

          It should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from fire and heat sources, and should not be mixed with acid or reducing substances;

          Water, sand, and various fire extinguishers can be used for fire fighting;

          If it is accidentally splashed into the eyes or skin, rinse it off immediately with water;

          Drink salt water or warm soapy water immediately after eating, and spit it out and send it to hospital for treatment.