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    chlorine dioxide powder

    Release date:2019-07-05 10-51-13

    【product manual】

    This product is a refined one-packed chlorine dioxide disinfectant powder. It is a one-dimensional chlorine dioxide product with the leading stability and activation rate on the market. The chlorine dioxide content is 10%.

    This product is packaged in one yuan, with high product safety, long shelf life and high purity after activation. Suitable for high-demand medical and health, food processing, drinking water, environmental killing and other fields.


    1, high-efficiency broad-spectrum: can kill bacterial propagules, fungi, viruses, spores, etc. in a very short time

    The object also has the functions of killing algae, preserving, anti-mildew, fresh-keeping, deodorizing and bleaching and decoloring;

    2. Safe and non-toxic: recognized by the World Health Organization and the US Environmental Protection Agency as actual non-toxic products, not with water

    The organic matter produces carcinogens such as halogenated hydrocarbons, and has no carcinogenic and mutagenic effects for long-term use;

    3, user-friendly: no irritating to the skin when used correctly, less corrosive to equipment;

    4, high cost performance: good stability, low concentration, recyclable, cost-effective.

    [Scope of application]

    It is suitable for sterilization, disinfection of pipes, containers, tools, consoles, etc. in food processing plants, pure water plants, beverage dairy plants, beer soy sauce factories, cosmetics pharmaceutical factories, laboratories, etc.

    It is also used for all environmental disinfection and sanitation and epidemic prevention in factory space, public environment and epidemic areas.


    In a plastic container with a lid, 1000 g of disinfectant powder is poured into 10 kg of water, stirred and dissolved, and activated for 15-30 minutes to obtain 10.1 kg of a chlorine dioxide stock solution having a content of about 10000 mg/L. The stock solution is then diluted with water at the desired concentration. Or consult the specific use of the production company.


    1. Please keep it in a ventilated, cool, dark place, and strictly prohibit direct sunlight;

    2. This product is corrosive and irritating after activation, please take good protection;

    2. Please use the bag as soon as possible after opening the bag. If there is any remaining, the bag must be tightly sealed;

    3. If you accidentally get into the eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention if necessary.

    [Executive Standard] GB26366-2010

    [Package] 500 g / bag, 1000 g / bag, can be customized according to customer needs

    [Validity] One year.