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    chlorine dioxide solution

    Release date:2019-07-05 11-26-31

    【Product introduction】

    This product uses a stabilization technology to stabilize the chlorine dioxide gas in the aqueous solution of the inorganic stabilizer, and releases the chlorine dioxide by the activation technology to become a highly effective fungicide.

    This product can be applied to wading industry (living application water, mineral water, pure water, natural water purification, etc.; industrial circulating water, swimming pool water; industrial sewage, domestic sewage, hospital sewage, etc.), food industry, cosmetics industry, medical care , health and epidemic prevention departments, aquaculture, livestock and poultry breeding, families, hotels, restaurants, tourism, daily chemicals and many other fields.


    1. Efficient broad spectrum: It can kill various microorganisms such as bacterial propagules, fungi, viruses, spores, etc. in a very short time.

    Algae, antiseptic, mildew proof, fresh-keeping, deodorization and bleaching and bleaching;

    2, safe and non-toxic: the World Health Organization and the US Environmental Protection Agency recognized as actual non-toxic products, do not produce with organic matter in water

    Carcinogens such as halogenated hydrocarbons have no carcinogenic and mutagenic effects for long-term use;

    3, user-friendly: no irritating to the skin when used correctly, less corrosive to equipment;

    4, high cost performance: good stability, low concentration, recyclable, cost-effective.

    [Technical indicators]

    1. See "Stable chlorine dioxide solution GB/T 20783-2006"

    2. See "Sanitary Standards for Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectants GB 26366-2010"

    【Instructions for use】

    1. This product must be activated before use. The disinfectant and activator should be mixed in a plastic or glass container with a lid according to the volume ratio (disinfectant: activator = 1:1). After 10-15 minutes, it will be obtained. A chlorine dioxide solution having a concentration of 20,000 mg/L is then diluted to the desired concentration for use.

    2. Recommended concentration

    Use occasion

    Dilution factor


    Processing time

    Disposal of food machinery, equipment, tools, pipes and packaging

    80 times


    10 to 15 minutes

    Spraying, wiping

    1 minute

    Final rinsing and disinfection of fruits, vegetables and meat products

    400 times

    Soak or spray

    10 to 15 minutes

    Space disinfection


    30 minutes



    1. This product is stored in a place that is ventilated, cool and protected from light, to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature;

    2. This product should be used as soon as possible, and the activated disinfectant should be used as soon as possible;

    3, personal protection during operation, must wear goggles, masks, acid and alkali resistant gloves, to avoid contact with the body fluid and inhalation of high concentrations of chlorine dioxide gas. If you accidentally get into the eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical attention if necessary.

    4. Use this product under the guidance of professionals. When the disinfectant is recycled, care should be taken to properly replenish the activated stock solution to keep the chlorine dioxide concentration stable.